Thursday, February 3, 2011

as usual

Yes I'm still cooking, I just haven't been cooking a whole lot. Last week my boys got sick, and I got sick of pasta. I got the bug at precisely 2:30 in the morning on saturday before I had to go to work. I went back to bed and felt fine when 6 O'clock rolled around so I went to work, but I felt pretty puny for the next couple of days. Not to mention the fact that we went out to my parents house saturday night to have Christmas with my brother who has just returned from deployment with the Marines. Then sunday David's mom made some lunch so we headed out there. Lots of food for my poor tummy.

Monday I cooked my next pasta dish. I really only cooked it because it called for a lb. of ground beef and I had already bought it. Didn't want it to go to waste! However I guess it really didn't make a difference becuase I've only eaten the leftovers once and it's now thursday. Whatever.

I made dark chocolate chip cookies yesterday, so that's yummy! I missed the gym though (until yesterday) due to feeling yucky and crummy weather. By the way, this is the third day in a row that schools are cancelled but the first day it actually affects me! I think I may actually get my laundry done today!!!

So that's what's up. Sorry for the no updating. Also, since I'm so sick of pasta I think I'm going to change up my approach. I'm gonna go chapter by chapter... not recipe by recipe. We'll see how this works out.