Wednesday, June 28, 2017

news and updates!

Oh my goodness!  After arriving up here, I found out I was headed to the YPSS Tower/Roosevelt location.  I really wanted this assignment, but there is no service and no wifi there!  So no updates... on a regular basis anyway.

Since we don't have internet, or cell service for that matter, the employees at this location are "forced" to interact.  Which I love, naturally!  I've met some amazing people and feel wonderful here.  I've hiked a bit, and run once or twice.  It's difficult to do so without running into some wildlife - bison, bears, coyote, elk, etc.

I'm trying to figure out how to put into one blog everything that has happened in the last month.  It's difficult!  I feel like I've lived a new lifetime, but at the same time I know in three months it'll come to an end.

I have indeed taken many pictures, and I've sat up at Lost Lake and attempted to draw, but as I'm sitting up at Canyon Village after hitchhiking here... I realize I left my camera/memory card back at my own location!

The summer is young still.  In fact, it is still freezing at night, there is still snow on most of the peaks, and when it storms, there is a good chance the rain will be freezing.  It's nearly July, which is supposed to be the warmest time here, and our weather is cold!  I dislike the cold, but here it just adds to the beauty of the place and the moment I'm in.  Long nights around a blazing fire with music, laughter, and a few choice spirits are very plentiful.  I even managed to find a kindred spirit to share some a sweet moment with.  Who knows how long or fleeting our time under the sun will be, but I'm not letting myself overthink anything this summer.

I hitchhiked for crying out loud!  And naturally, the wonderful woman who picked me up was not only from Kansas, but got her degree from WSU!  I've had to drop all of my Butler classes since I don't have enough connection here, but I've been feeling like just going to WSU all four years anyway.  Of course, now it'll be delayed.  And now that I have this summer home, I probably won't get to graduate quickly by taking summer courses.  But this is pretty amazing.  Who would be able to say no to this?

Since I dropped the picture ball, I'll leave you with this photo online of Lost Lake.  It is called such because over the hot summer months it evaporates and will eventually disappear.