Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Some pictures for your enjoyment

After my run (yes, if you read my previous entry, it DID happen!) I grabbed my camera and walked out to the Roosevelt Arch to take some pictures.

I encountered some "friends" along the way:

the second shot is a little hard to see, but in order - there is a chipmunk, and elk, and a rabbit.

Sunset was supposed to be at 9 PM, but with the mountains framing the sun I knew I needed to get there earlier.

There was a little blurb about Electric Peak, which is where a few of the webcams I've been watching all spring are located - (How is my position?)

Another camera faces the Roosevelt Arch

...and here are my many shots of the Arch...
Front side:

From the Arch - sunset and my running path:

Sunset through the Arch:

The entrance where the webcams are located:

Inside the Arch:

My Acadiana and ICT flag pins💕:

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