Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Track Night Number 1

Tonight was my first track night with the Fleet Feet Start2Finish Half Marathon training.  It was good, but woo boy did it kick my butt!  We ran a ladder type plan - 200 m, 400, 600, 800, then back down.  As I came across the end of the legs that ended where we began our coach would say what some of our times were.  Let me tell you, as a former highschool sprinter (400m being my best event), hearing those times was rough!  I know that long distance training is leaps and bounds different than sprint running, but man alive, that feels bad.  It's ok though, if you take into consideration that I ran 400m in 2min 18sec, then my mile pace would be about 6-7 minutes!  I mean... WHOA!  I'm currently pushing it to run my splits consistently at 10-10:30.

Either way, tonight was a good night and I hope I'm not super sore tomorrow!

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