Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What I (think I) do best

Last summer I got on a mixtape tangent. I made several for friends and strangers. There was one that stood out in particular. In my opinion, the best mixtapes are those that have feeling, not necessarily a cohesive theme, but just a feeling of cohesion through random choosing. This was one such mix. I have no idea how I came up with it, but it's been my favorite up to this point. I'm now sharing it with you.

It's called 13 hours because the particular person it ended up going to lives in Baton Rouge.

1. TV on the Radio/Dancing Choose
2. Blonde Redhead/Dr. Strangeluv
3. Charlotte Gainsbourge/IRM
4. The Make-Up/They Live By Night
5. Television/See No Evil
6. Grizzly Bear/About Face
7. Pizzicato Five/Twiggy Twiggy (Twiggy Vs. James Bond)
8. PJ Harvey/O Stella
9. The Murder City Devils/Boom Swagger Boom
10. The Modern Lovers/Roadrunner
11. Bat For Lashes/What's A Girl To Do
12. Camera Obscura/The Sweetest Thing
13. Invasion/Eisley
14. Elvis Costello/Sulphur To Sugarcane
15. The Jayhawks/The Man Who Loved Life
16. John Doe/The Golden State
17. Johnathan Rice/The Middle of the Road
18. David Bazan/Curse Your Branches
19. Aimee Mann/31 Today
20. Air/Redhead Girl
21. The Dollyrots/Because I'm Awesome

There are some obvious reasons (if you know me) why I put some of these on here. Most of them are truly my favorites off the respective albums of the artists. I hope if they've not reached your ears before that you can find the time to listen. Or just ask me for a copy, I'll gladly walk up and place it in your hand if you're a fellow Wichitonian. This mix is also recommended by 4 out of 5 aliens inquiring about earth music. My abducted neighbor told me so.


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