Thursday, January 20, 2011


Tonight I had the privilege of cooking my 4th experiment for my good friend Abby. Tonight's meal was Linguine with a Red Clam Sauce (as opposed to last night's White Clam Sauce.)

It was really super cool to have someone to share it with, and have a girl's night on top! I haven't seen Abby for a few weeks and she's truly one of my favorite people and closest friends, so I was excited.

Alright, on to the meal. I actually remembered to pick up some french bread tonight and made a little salad at the same time. However, I apparently can't read because I missed the part where I was supposed to get some red wine for the "red" clam sauce. I happened to have some white cooking wine, so I decided to substitute that. Also, I'm an idiot. The prior recipe that first called for the crushed tomatoes (Pasta Puttanesca) called for one can - 28 oz. I misread and thought it called for 8 oz. No wonder it didn't turn out so great. Oh well. Now I know. Of course since I had saved the rest of the can, I was 8 oz. short tonight. I think a discrepancy of 8 oz. is slightly less obvious than a discrepancy of 20 oz.

Anyway, tonight's dinner turned out fabulous! Tasty! Fun! Yay! I can cook!

And although we discovered tonight that Abby's not too fond of clams, she still enjoyed the pasta and sauce. I don't think the wine she brought discouraged us from eating either!

After dinner we finished the wine and did the dishes... and of course gabbed.

Food is much more wonderful when shared with good friends.

A fabulous end to a full day!


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