Monday, January 17, 2011

LindsayMachine's home chef school: Day 1

Today was MLK day. I happened to have the complete day off from everything. At the beginning of the day I thought I'd just be a lazy bum and lay around watching shows in my pjs. However, around 3:00 I decided that I'd get to work on my new year's resolution (of sorts) and start making my way through one of my cookbooks. I have a few, but being a single girl who doesn't always get the chance to see her boyfriend and his son around dinner time, I decided to go with the first cookbook I ever bought myself.

I've tried a few recipes from this, but I haven't cracked it open for a long time. I opened the book to the first recipe - Aglio Olio: Garlic and Oil Pasta.

It was a pretty simple recipe. It called for anchovies. My first thought was "ick!" But I went ahead and soldiered through. Rachel Ray promises on the side of the page that we will not taste the anchovies in any of the recipes that call for them. Reassured as I was, I have to say, I did end up screwing up. I burned my first go 'round of the garlic and red pepper mix because I didn't read properly... of course. I regrouped and put a new mixture in the pan. From that point on things went according to the page.

I have to say that when I started consuming my creation, I found it pretty dry and flavorless. I had to add some italian dressing, but it still seemed to be missing something. I didn't add anything else this time, but since it is served in a salad-like capacity I think I may add some chopped tomatoes, possibly add in some grilled mushrooms or olives if I make the recipe again. Also, as I was getting through my meal, the red pepper decided to come out. My lips were on fire after I finished.

So recipe number one is out of the way. I have lunch for tomorrow and notes for next time I make it. It was very simple and indeed came out in 30 minutes or less, as promised!


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