Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"New Year New You"

That's what the sign above CGW 1 in Magazines is supposed to say. It doesn't, but what's new about that?

So Christmas came and went. The eve of the new year came and went. Here I am dragging my old ass straight into 2011. I still haven't figured out if I'm kicking and screaming or falling headlong into it. I look at where I am in life and think to myself:
"Well that makes sense."
Then I think about how old I am and, well, we don't really want to go there right now.

Christmas was good. David and Connor were a hit at my family celebration. My Great Grandma was there and as awesome as ever for being in the hospital not a week before. She actually just turned 97 on the 10th. Crazy! I won't mention what a hoot David's family and extended family turned out to be.

For New Year's Eve we acted like old people. (Laughing) No really, we had Connor with us so we stayed in a watched a movie or something (probably Buffy), played some scrabble and drank some adult beverages. Along came midnight, we toasted and immediately crashed. See, Laughter is appropriate!

Now I'm on the verge of 3 months, and then V-day. I've already booked a hotel with 2 beds in Lafayette during festival, so here's hoping that works out! Just kidding. It's suprising how much I really enjoy having them around on the weekend, but not suprising that I still relish my weeks alone. Still contemplating futures and all, but it's looking stable.

Also, trying to get back into school. Again. Can someone please pull the giant stick out of K-State's butt so they'll release all their shit along with my transcripts? Sigh. I'd like to at least be on the road to not being a failure by the time I'm 30. Which is less than 2 years away now.

I'm trying an experiment. I'm going to cook through my cookbooks. Hopefully. I just need some quality cookware now. Of course one could say that I need to prove I need it by actually doing this thing. But that person is not me and I say I need nice things!

As I'm typing this and finishing up, I'm listening to "Goodbye Sweet Dreams" by Roky Erickson and Okkervil River. Yeah, that crazy guy from the 13th Floor Elevators.

Check it out.

so there's my update. I'm feeling quite robotic today.
Lindsay Q.

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