Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day three... ug.

To be perfectly honest, I just about didn't cook today. I certainly didn't eat much of my meal, but only because it's late. Wednesdays are always super rough time-wise. Most days, my life moves along pretty slowly. I go to work at job A for a spell, come home to rest a bit and change clothes, head off to job B, then possibly head off for a few hours at job C. It's really not all that demanding. Except for wednesdays. I pretty much work a 14 hour day straight through on hump day. I head into the bookstore at 7 AM (after waking up at 6), get off at 3:30 and head over to Hyde to pick up 5th grade H and then over to pick up 7th grade L from basketball practice, back to the house of H and L and then over to church to drop off L for youth worship, back to the house, back to church for wednesday night nursery until about 8:45. So all in all, it's from 7 AM to about 9 PM. 14 hours. UG. Now, today was slightly different... we got out a little early tonight. 7:45 instead of 8:45. Because of the freezing rain and the resulting sheet of ice covering our cars and the parking lot.


So after going back and forth in my mind on whether or not I really wanted to cook after the super long day I had, I decided to go ahead with it. Besides, tonight was a meal I was sort of looking forward to. I did need a few more things at the store, but it's on my way home so that really wasn't a problem. Also, as I said, I got out a little early, so - plus!

The recipe tonight was Linguine with White Clam Sauce. I couldn't for the life of me locate fresh Thyme (at little Dillon's) OR Clam Broth. But I did get some Thyme from the spice aisle and some vegetable broth. When I got home I decided to try and just use the juice the clams were in tonight and if I make it again I'll try the vegetable stock. (If I still can't find clam broth.)

I tried to make the picture bigger because there really are clams in there! Quite a few actually! It was pretty good. More flavorful than the last two nights. I also discovered that eating in front of my drafty window when it's below freezing outside makes my noodles cool off really fast. So my noodles were a bit cold by the time I was done, but that was my own fault not the recipe's.

Ok, Rachael... I have to give it to you. Not the tastiest, but I could definitely see me whipping this up for a family or myself after one of these 14 hour Wednesdays. That is IF they're still awake when I get home.

So sleepy......
Stay tooned for the RED clam sauce tomorrow...
ooo getting saucy with that sauce...

Oh I need to go to bed!



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